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You can avoid much of the stress related to an international move to Australia when moving from South Africa. International movers that list with Intlmovers help families and businesses move every day to locations all across Australia. You can save time, money and a great deal of energy by letting Intlmovers help you with your shipping and moving needs.

International movers
Using Intlmovers costs you nothing at all to use, but it can save you on your shipping and freight costs. It allows you to compare quotes easily by forwarding your request to up to six international movers who are experts with moves to Australia. They will respond to you directly to arrange a quote and offer their transport services to you. Compare the different services and prices and save!

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The moving companies in South Africa offer their quotes to you with no obligation, so when you make a request you are safe in the knowledge that there are no hidden extras. You simply get the information you need, fast and efficient, in order to make a better informed choice for your international move. Intlmovers is easy, it is quick and it is free!

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  1. Select where you are moving from and to, and click on ‘Find moving companies’.
  2. Review the listed international movers and click on ‘Request quotation’.
  3. Complete the simple online moving request form, and click on ‘Send’.

The movers will contact you directly with quotes for your international move from South Africa.

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  • The movers have years of experience with international moves from South Africa.
  • You can avoid the stress and let the movers handle the hard work.
  • The international movers have global contacts that can make your move cheaper.

Benefits of using Intlmovers

  • Saves time and money!
  • 100% obligation free
  • Receive customised quotes directly
  • Compare easily in just a few simple steps

Moving from South Africa to Australia

Australia is one of the most popular choices for relocations from South Africa. With these two southern hemisphere countries, the warm climate and similar seasons help make South Africans feel at home from the moment they arrive. The quality of living, the outdoor lifestyle along with the national love of sport are just a few examples of some common interests that draw South Africans to Australia.

Considering that Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, the population of Australia is quite low. With just over 22.5 million people, the population density is just 2.91 people per square kilometre. Having said that, around 64% of the population live in the capital cities of Australia, making it a highly urbanised country. Much of inland Australia is uninhabited, with around 85% of the population living within 50 kms from the Australian coast.

The capital city of Australia, Canberra, is home to close to 400,000 people. The largest and probably most famous Australia city is Sydney, which is also the capital city of the state of New South Wales, with a population of around 4.5 million people.

Australia is famous for its raw and harsh natural beauty along with a wide variety of unusual flora and fauna, much of which is not found anywhere else in the world.

Visa requirements for Australia
South Africans moving to Australia have the option of requesting a non-immigrant visa or an immigrant visa. Non-immigrant visas are generally quicker and easier to arrange, and have a limited time of stay and may have other conditions linked to them. The categories within this visa type include visitor visa, business visa, tourist visa, student visa, temporary entry visa, transit visa.

The immigrant visa is broken down in to the categories of citizen, permanent or return resident. The type of visa you apply for will be dependent upon your reason for going to Australia and intended period of stay. You will need to visit one of the Australian Visa Application Centers and allow at least 20 working days for the processing. The offices are located in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. As with any international travel, you should always check the latest rules and regulations regarding your particular situation and the relevant requirements to meet your travel needs.

You will need to become an Australian permanent resident if you wish to apply for Australian citizenship. This process is based on a points system, and a number of other factors are taken in to consideration as part of your processing. It is possible to have dual citizenship of both South Africa and Australia, meaning that by becoming an Australian citizen you do not give up your South African citizenship.

Experience of our international relocation companies

You can relax when you take advantage of the free quotation service offered by Intlmovers. The international movers that promote their services online have many years of trusted and reliable experience in international shipping and freight management. They can manage your international move from South Africa with skill and care.

Obligation free quotes

Whilst you can receive up to six quotes from international movers for transport services from South Africa to anywhere in the world, you are under absolutely no obligation to accept any of the quotes that you receive. The moving quotes are provided completely cost free and obligation free, so you can take some time to review your options and ensure that you make your international mover choice in complete confidence.

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