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The USA is a popular choice for many people to make an international move, and moving from South Africa is no exception. One of the first things you need to arrange when you are planning an international move is to find international movers who can help you move. They can assist with packing, the move itself as well as storage and other shipping and moving services. Intlmovers helps you do that in one easy step!

International movers South Africa
When you are planning on moving from South Africa, there are a lot of things to do and prepare before your move. International moving companies in South Africa can offer all types of transport services, which include packing and storage services, to help you co-ordinate your move and work to meet your specific requirements.

Shipping and freight transport services
Using Intlmovers is a really quick and easy option for your international mover search. All you do is select where you are moving from and to, using the easy to use drop down menu below. For moves to the USA, in addition to choosing the USA as your destination, you need to elect which US state you wish to move to. You will automatically be presented with a list of up to six international moving companies in South Africa, who can send you customised quotes directly for your move to the USA. It is quick, easy and completely free!

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How Intlmovers works

How it works

  1. Select where you are moving from and to, and click on ‘Find moving companies’.
  2. Review the listed international movers and click on ‘Request quotation’.
  3. Complete the simple online moving request form, and click on ‘Send’.

The movers will contact you directly with quotes for your international move from South Africa.

Why you should use Intlmovers for your international move

  • The movers have years of experience with international moves from South Africa.
  • You can avoid the stress and let the movers handle the hard work.
  • The international movers have global contacts that can make your move cheaper.

Benefits of using Intlmovers

  • Saves time and money!
  • 100% obligation free
  • Receive customised quotes directly
  • Compare easily in just a few simple steps

Moving from South Africa to the USA

The USA is the fourth largest country in the world, covering a great part of the North American continent. In area, it is around 9.8 million square kilometres (3.8 million square miles). It is made up of 50 states, with the capital city being Washington DC. It has a population of close to 318 million people.

Visa requirements for the USA
Travelling on a South African passport to the USA requires a visa. Non-immigrant visas are processed by the United States Consulates in South Africa, located in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Immigrant visas are processed in the United States Consulate in Johannesburg only. Whilst there is a US Embassy in Pretoria, this office does not provide any visa services.

The USA has a Visa Waiver Program that allows particular passport holders entry in the country for visits of up to 90 days, however South Africa is not included on the list of qualifying countries. If you are travelling with another passport, you should check the list to see if you quality under the Visa Waiver Program.

Non-immigrant visa types include tourist visas, student visas and temporary work visas. The following types of immigrant visas are available for the USA.

  • Family sponsored immigration
  • Employment based immigration
  • Diversity lottery (Green Card Lottery)
  • Diversity visa scammers sending fraudulent emails and letters
  • Special and other Immigrant Visas
  • Fiancé(e) (K) visas
  • Expired/lost/stolen Green Car

You will need to complete the relevant visa application form and pay the required fee using the US Visa Service website. Once this has been completed, a personal appearance is (usually) required as part of the visa approval process. You can book your appointment online but you will need to ensure you have the following ready:

  • your DS-160 confirmation (barcode) number
  • your MRV fee payment receipt number
  • your passport number
  • any additional information related to your visa type application (eg: SEVIS number from the Form I-20 for students or Form DS-2019 for exchange visitors)

Experience of our international movers

In the world of shipping and moving, experience is important. When you are arranging a move from South Africa, the international movers that list with Intlmovers have an extensive history of skills and experience in logistics and freight handling to ensure that your goods are well managed during the move, and well cared for during transport. Feel confident with Intlmovers!

Obligation free quotes

You can receive up to six free quotes from international movers when you request quotes with Intlmovers. Should you decide that none of the quotes that you have received quite meet your expectations, then you are under no obligations to accept any of them. The quotes provided by Intlmovers are cost free, as well as obligation free!

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"There was not much time for us to get everything ready and so this website proved to be very helpful for me and my family. The movers got us sorted out and moved without any problems at all."
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